Jul 14, 2020 • 38M

Theresa Lina | Podcast

'Be the Go-To: How to Own Your Competitive Market, Change More, and Have Customers Love You For It'

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The Serve to Lead podcast focuses on today’s extraordinary leadership opportunities in business, government, and politics. In a time of intense polarization, this includes advancing our shared American identity and narrative. James Strock is an independent writer, speaker, entrepreneur, lawyer, and reformer. His most recent book is 'Serve to Lead 2.0: 21st Century Leaders Manual.' Strock writes ‘The Next Nationalism’ at Substack.
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Author Theresa Lina shares actionable insights on strategy and execution for enterprises aiming for dominant market positions in competitive and emerging markets. She has written a well-received new book, Be the Go-To: How to Own Your Competitive Market, Charge More, and Have Customers Love You For It.

Theresa Lina, founder and president of Lina Group, Inc., has more than 25 years of strategy, marketing, communications, media and education experience. Her areas of emphasis include training, strategy coaching, vision development, differentiation strategy and positioning, storytelling, market development, thought leadership content, and go-to-market programs. Her core expertise is in creating, launching and marketing enterprise business solutions, B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, and Internet of Things (IoT) products. She has performed assignments for companies such as Accenture, HP, Cisco, Dell, AT&T, IBM, and FICO, as well as software companies, technology startups and small businesses seeking aggressive growth and sustainable margins. 

Theresa also currently works with the Department of Management Science & Engineering (MS&E) in the School of Engineering at Stanford University, where she is involved in communications and outreach efforts and occasionally lectures. She is also an advisor to the Stanford Marketing Group. Prior to this, Theresa worked with the department’s Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), where her efforts included marketing and communications initiatives and key outreach programs such as the Global Innovation Tournament, Entrepreneurship Week at Stanford, and a series of global educator conferences. She led the proposal effort resulting in a $10 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation for a research and outreach center focused on fostering more creativity and innovation among U.S. engineering students. She also served the Stanford Entrepreneurship Network (SEN), a federation of more than 20 Stanford entrepreneurship programs and student organizations across campus. Her current work included developing online course material, giving workshops, and providing program support as needed.

Image: Lina Group