Oct 27, 2020 • 37M

HR McMaster | Podcast

'Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend Freedom'

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James Strock
The Serve to Lead podcast focuses on today’s extraordinary leadership opportunities in business, government, and politics. In a time of intense polarization, this includes advancing our shared American identity and narrative. James Strock is an independent writer, speaker, entrepreneur, lawyer, and reformer. His most recent book is 'Serve to Lead 2.0: 21st Century Leaders Manual.' Strock writes ‘The Next Nationalism’ at Substack.
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In a new episode of the Serve to Lead podcast, General HR McMaster discusses geopolitics and his important new book, Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend Freedom.  

HR McMaster is perhaps best known for his service as the 26th National Security Adviser to the president, in 2017-18. This was a capstone to a storied military career. A West Point graduate, he served in the US Army for 34 years, including tours in theater in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s also a highly regarded historian, holding a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. McMaster is is the Fouad and Michelle Ajami Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.  He is also the Bernard and Susan Liautaud Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute and lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.  

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Image: Mike Pryor, 82nd Airborne Division, Public Domain via Wikipedia