Oct 15, 2021 • 46M

Frank DiStefano | Podcast

'The Next Realignment'

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James Strock
The Serve to Lead podcast focuses on today’s extraordinary leadership opportunities in business, government, and politics. In a time of intense polarization, this includes advancing our shared American identity and narrative. James Strock is an independent writer, speaker, entrepreneur, lawyer, and reformer. His most recent book is 'Serve to Lead 2.0: 21st Century Leaders Manual.' Strock writes ‘The Next Nationalism’ at Substack.
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Frank DiStefano is a Washington, D.C.-based writer who focuses on the history and future of United States politics. He is the author of The Next Realignment: Why America’s Parties Are Crumbling and What Happens Next. The book has received praise from leaders and experts across the political spectrum.   ​

On this episode of the Serve to Lead Podcast, DiStefano discusses the ongoing stasis in American politics and governance. He sees a need for new political coalitions, organized around new issues to meet the challenges of our post-industrial age. In international affairs, he seeks to reorient our vision amid the rise of China.

He also discusses his view of today’s “meritocracy,” as well as the state of the American legal profession. During this segment there is reference to an influential law review article by Judge Patrick Schiltz, “On Being a Happy, Healthy, and Ethical Member of an Unhappy,  Unhealthy, and Unethical Profession.” There is also mention of a related article in the same issue of the Vanderbilt Law Review, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” by Michael Traynor, President-Emeritus of the American Law Institute (and a previous guest on this podcast).

DiStefano is a graduate of Princeton University and Georgetown University Law School. He was Senior Articles Editor of the Georgetown Law Journal. After clerking on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, he was a litigator at the famed Washington law firm, Williams & Connolly. 

DiStefano writes, speaks, and works with anyone looking to reform politics, restoring the promise of the American Dream. His recent work includes several pieces for American Purpose.

Frank DiStefano is active on Twitter, and has a YouTube channel dedicated to political reform. His website is frankdistefano.com.

Image: Frank DiStefano