Let's Make Citizenship Great Again.

Now It's Our Turn.

When we serve one another, we serve the nation. When we serve America, we serve the world.

Welcome to The Next Nationalism, written by me, James Strock. I’m an engaged citizen, dedicated to recovering and recasting American national ideals that commit us to serving one another—and enable our example to inspire the world.

At hinge moments in American history, prior generations have updated our understanding of the universal ideals of the Declaration of Independence. This was followed by reform of our constitutional system, culminating in a new political settlement.

At our best, a shared vision of American nationalism enables us to meet our mission:

What we owe—and how we can serve—one another;

What we owe—and how we can serve—the nation;

What the nation owes—and how we can serve—the world.

Now it’s our turn.

My earnest aim is that The Next Nationalism community can become a gathering spot for many of us who are seeking to serve, in whatever way we can, in this time of challenge, change, and possibility.

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