Sasha Stone | PodcastListen now (41 min) | Pioneering Blogger, Substack Writer at Leading Edge of Political, Cultural Change.
Americans Urgently Await Congressional Debate and Oversight of War Aims.
Derek Leebaert | PodcastListen now (49 min) | Author, 'Unlikely Heroes: Franklin Roosevelt, His Four Lieutenants, and the World They Made'

February 2023

Fast Moving Events Require Determined, Disciplined US Response.
Dangerous Disconnect Between Political Class and Ordinary Americans
Ashley Tellis | PodcastListen now (44 min) | Co-Editor, 'Grasping Greatness: Making India a Leading Power'
Brooks Newmark | PodcastListen now (50 min) | Founder of Angels for Ukraine, Spiritual Descendant of Oskar Schindler

January 2023

Knowing When It's Time to Go.
Our Capital City and Capitol Hill--and the City on a Hill--Require an Intervention.

December 2022

Washington Must Summon Courage to Do Its Part.
A Harbinger of the Future of American Politics?

November 2022

The Whataboutism We Need Now.